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 Monday November 23rd 2015.Tim Candler9


      It's the 3rd and the 23rd and yet 13 has the th. As in 13th. No wonder spelling is tricky for some of us. The other one is the word "unique." It's not "an unique moment" it's "a unique moment." But if I have "a uncle" rather than "an uncle" I'm ready for the funny farm. Guess language is as riven by correctness as is the word Yoga in a certain Canadian establishment of higher learning where a Yoga program has come to a halt following allegations that Yoga is an Eastern religious practice and should be venerated, not treated as colonial possession or as an exercise regime for the handy-capable.


     Then if you engage in Yoga but call it something like Mango, it's no longer Starbucks coffee it's just ordinary coffee and becomes robbed of the coffee drinking experience and the world might just as well end. Yes indeed, the Festive Season is upon us and interestingly this week has been called "Turkey Week." For my part I have vehement objections to the "Festive Season," it's far too long and a blow up Father Christmas is an insult to Laplanders. But, tempting though it might be, calling those of my fellow citizens who choose to actively engage in the USA's harvest festival Turkeys, is step I'll not be taking. It suggests lambs to the slaughter of Black Friday, and it's a very incorrect and mean thing to do. Incidentally "Yoga" is Ateso for something like "How you doing?"

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