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 Tuesday November 24th 2015.Tim Candler9


      Alexander Haig was a commander of men at the Battle of the Somme. A battle that lasted almost four months and ended on November 18th. On the first day of fighting, 20,000 of Haig's soldiers died. Lessons were learned, tactics changed. The casualty figures on both sides of the trench by the end of the battle were something like a million and one third soldiers. The fighting was artillery, guns, axes, hammers, knives and rocks. The Battle of the Somme was declared a Victory for Haig and his soldiers.


     Those who experienced the fight shared an experience  few of us would wish upon anyone. When Alexander Haig died, a hundred odd thousand of his former soldiers marched past his coffin. It must have been a sight to see. And you have to wonder were they proud of their victory, of course they were. Did they wonder why they'd volunteered, probably not. Or was it just something that happened to them all, shared in a private, sad moment. The answer is no, yet sometimes a person might get the feeling we're telling the stories that will allow us to do it all over again.

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