An English In Kentucky


















 Wednesday November 25th 2015.Tim Candler9


      Asimov's story of our future had a thinking machine that enabled us people to populate the universe. Then when the universe fell to ennui, began to shrink, surrender to the inevitable, what did we people do? In Asimov's story we all became one with the thinking machine and created a new universe. Don't remember the details of Asimov's account but we probably called our new home Hope. Guess too there were mechanical smiles, seeds of joy, there might even have been some kind of tap dancing allowed within the oneness. Not sure that domestic pets were permitted, pretty sure nose flute music had been outlawed, and of course there were No Smoking signs all over the place.


     And some people might wonder why other people don't like circles. It's a hot debate between circle people and straight line people, I know. But in this season of high spending, best not to raise the issue in the Grocery Isles where the journey is so rigged a person needs a special dispensation or a uniform to use the back entrance. Me if I worked there, I'd like to be on shopping cart retrieval duty with the authority from on high to vaporize anyone who did not return their shopping cart to the well labeled shopping cart corals.

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