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 Monday November 2nd 2015 Tim Candler9


      Spent much of last night counting ailments. And it does seem to me that no one over the age of about fifty five should ever be considered physically fit enough for the role of United States President. At the same time no one under the age of fifty five should be considered competent or wise enough for the role. So it's a huge problem for the voter particularly those of us who employ the word whippersnapper on a regular basis to describe anyone whose eyes might be just a little too far apart.

    All this fuss around the Republican Primary Debates does suggest to your political correspondent that despite heavy rumors to the contrary the Republican Candidates have replaced all attempts at skeeviness with the kind of delinquency one might happen upon at a birthday party for four year olds. All very well saying it's a process, but what's actually the matter with them? And worth pointing out that televised political debates equals free-stuff for political parties so maybe four year olds around a birthday cake is easier to sell than a discussion about quantitative  easing.



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