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 Wednesday November 4th 2015 Tim Candler9


      Oh Dear! Three more days to quarrel over indefinite and definite articles. "A problem is the...." "The problem is a...." What on earth is the matter with me. Could have something to do with deteriorating mental faculties, and a refusal to surrender. That sort of gung-ho spirit that leads to the election of whippersnapper, and not because he's cute or even a little tiny bit nice. But much more important to the survival of our species is The Letlander. Several deadlines have been suggested, none of them consummated.

    Might be time for a psalm. One of David's big moments with his god. "Woe is me for I have vouchsafed unto thee.." Always a good line and often has something to do with redemption, a request for forgiveness and a whole bunch of regrets. Either way November the 7th is around the corner, and I'm just going to check to see whether the most recent end times for The Letlander is this year of next. And the answer as usual is "No you can't just spend the day pleasing yourself." Classic really. Let's all go out and start handling snakes.



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