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 Saturday October 10th 2015 Tim Candler9


      On the one hand Medieval Saints might appear as mythological characters. Examples of a long gone past time when not much was written down, a huge randomness in spelling, very poor grammar, and the kind of peer review that relied heavily on battle axes, shields and swords. Yet on the other hand Medieval people were not that much different to you or I. And one theme in Vestry at Monnow is the extent to which what some think of as "education" - or "progress" perhaps - has made any difference whatsoever to the fundamental equations and imperatives of being alive.

     One answer is "No." Certainly your writer of pulp has been vaccinated, his head's been X-rayed, he's had his tonsils out, he has access to Oranges where Oranges don't grow, and he's sitting in front of and typing upon a device that William Caxton would have considered a miracle. But in terms of the fundamental equations of being alive, while the details and direction of "progress" might have been a little fuzzy, all this and more was a predictable consequence of a tool making species energetically engaged in making tools.



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