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 Monday October 12th 2015 Tim Candler9


      Sometime tomorrow evening in the USA, Democratic Party Presidential Candidates will hold what's called "A Debate." It's not a traditional understanding of a debate. It's more like an Eisteddfod which combines with that part of a beauty pageant where the contestants are asked a few questions, given a chance to glare at each other and every ten minutes there's a break for advertizing.

    Where I live the big excitement is the opportunity a  humble citizen has to contribute through comment sections of the internet newspapers. One can sometimes get into trouble with the pompous ass fascists who moderate, but it's all good clean fun and it does absolutely nothing to change the course of the world. Must rush, I have pithy one liners to prepare. Stuff like "Bush II was an embarrassing experiment, Clinton II and you can call us a Monarchy. Long live the Plantagenets!"



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