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 Tuesday October 13th 2015 Tim Candler9


      Saint Chad has his relics in Lichfield Cathedral, which is in Staffordshire England, a part of the world that cries out Mercia, and they still might dream of Offa and Freedom from London. It's north of Birmingham and a good long walk from the Ithaca Valley. And I hear you ask "What has this got to do with anything!" Well it was Saint Chad who carried the cross to the Mercian Tribes and the point about Saint Chad is he's one of those Medieval Saints whom The Venerable Bede in his determination to put the best possible light upon the Anglo Saxon relationship with Rome, might have lied about.

    Back then of course when real saints walked the earth rather than these modern namby-pamby soft boiled egg eating saints, there was a big thing with religious haircuts. They were called Tonsures, for some reason. The Saints affiliated to Rome had their peculiar style, and the Welsh saints had their own even more peculiar style.  In Afon-Bedd, Saint Chad wore the Papist Tonsure, and The Rabbit knew for a fact that the real Saint Chad was an Irishman who wouldn't have been seen dead in a Papist Tonsure. And if The Rabbit has a point to make it is that the Venerable Bede was a deceitful manipulating propagandist upon whose shoulders full blame for the Norman invasion of 1066 can be placed. Either way Lichfield Cathedral is worth a visit.



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