An English In Kentucky


















 Thursday October 15th 2015 Tim Candler9


      In Afon-Bedd there's Saint Winifred, Saint Chad, there are two Saint David's, there is our own Saint Timothy who following a dispute with the Lead Bull has been confined to the form of a rabbit which is frustrating for him. Indeed there's a host of saints and whole lot of other people, some in better condition that others. And if you want to know why, it's not that complicated.

    If you put yourself outside society and look in at something like a communal meal there's always a table that looks a little bit more interesting. It's not necessarily the table of those in charge, it's not the big-wigs, or the superstars, their lives are too contrived and well rehearsed. It's something else and if you're looking for the quality of this something else it's more like "The Last Supper" than it is like a "Distribution of Spoils." Subjective? The answer is "I don't think so."



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