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 Saturday October 17th 2015 Tim Candler9


      A little frost this morning and a freeze tonight. It's possible sometimes to pretend these things aren't going to happen, and than "Bam" it all happens, as predicted and let's not talk about snow. Another couple of years there might even be Alligators in the Green River, a majority of coastal cities under water, and a colony of Earthlings on Mars doing their very best to get away from it all in the interests of what I don't know. Still there's always a chance of being abducted by Aliens.

    In coming months I will not only argue that the word "Skeevy" is a perfectly respectable and accurate description of many of our rulers, I will also suggest that the quality of "Skeeviness" is a necessary characteristic of the ruling class of any species that does not hibernate. Bears and Groundhogs for example, are not skeevy. Interesting however is the distinction between the Grey Squirrel and the Fox Squirrel, both of which are non-hibernating creatures. And here The Grey Squirrel is skeevy, the Fox Squirrel is not. Have to think Bernie Sanders is more like a Fox Squirrel and Clinton II is more like a Grey Squirrel.



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