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 Sunday October 18th 2015 Tim Candler9


      One of the October Traditions in these pages is "Hibernation," another is "New Years Resolutions." Regular readers will know where your correspondent lies with respect to the Angelic Host. I have an angel, he is without wings, he is short sighted and wears a hearing aid, he lives in the barn, and sometimes he mislays useful things, such as hammers, and blames their absence upon a gnome or some sort of pixie that lives in nearby woodland. And it's to this wingless representative of the Great Oneness that your correspondent makes his New Year Resolutions.

    If I recall last year at this time, I was struggling a little with a number of constraints one of which was a red blotchy itchiness, or Rampaging Hives Following an Attempt to Give Up Smoking, combined with the tremendous responsibility of acquiring a new pair of boots. And around this time last year I committed to a renewal of mental attitude that would assume the very best of Winter Time. I informed my angel that I was the exemplar of "Positive Thinking," that I was very much in tune with "Next to Godliness." And one of the nice things about having a short sighted angel who wears a hearing aid, is that a person can get away with saying just about anything. Call me "Presidential Material" if you have to.



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