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 Thursday October 1st 2015 Tim Candler9


      I guess in a strange kind of way the opposite to "self loathing, liberal guilt' would be something like "ping the feed burner." My own promise to Facebook was to develop a kinder, gentler attitude toward it. Otherwise I suspect the opposite to "self loathing, liberal guilt" might have been "narcissistic Facebook-ism with xenophobic fascistic undertones." Thank god for spell check!

     The alternative is to try to understand what a person means by "self loathing liberal guilt" and I suspect it's kind of like the word jealousy. "Your just jealous of my Lamborghini and Mediterranean villa!"  And here the answer "No I'm not!" generally produces a sort of sneer of disbelief. I must be lying because the possibility I'm telling the truth is incomprehensible. However at this time of year, I can say without equivocation I am very jealous of people who live along the equator and I hope they are filled with liberal guilt and self loathing.


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