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 Wednesday October 21st 2015 Tim Candler9


      Jim Webb, Marine, Vietnam Veteran, best selling author and Democratic Party presidential candidate, has called it quits. Money was a problem, lack of campaign infrastructure, and such things as being a former Reagan appointee, he was Secretary of the Navy under Reagan, he once claimed "women can't fight," all of which are No-No's amongst Democratic Primary Voters who like Republican Primary Voters prefer purity to anything remotely associated to reason. And sometimes one suspects that  a run for president is little more than a self promotion activity.

    In the area of Skeeviness, Jim Webb lacks the quality.  To quote Bishop Aldulf, "He don't play pussy-foot to his own good dog." His answer to the really odd question at the recent Democratic Debate "Which enemy are you most proud of?" His answer was that of an heroic Hollywood type hero along the lines of some one like James Bond or a pre-talking-to-a-chair Clint Eastwood, rather than something that our very own heroic hero might have considered an heroic response, but Webb's answer would have gone down well with Republican Primary Voters. Yes indeed we're all doomed.



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