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 Saturday October 24th 2015 Tim Candler9


      Lincoln Chafee, former Ferrier, former Mayor of Warwick, Rhode Island, former Republican Senator, who pretty much inherited a seat in the Senate from his father and former Governor of Rhode Island, has quit the Democratic Primaries. One of his positions was "Give Peace a Chance," an isolationism perhaps, but as I understand it, it was based upon the idea that a majority of United States Politicians had failed to grasp the history of most of the rest of the world. "Bellicosity, saber rattling and blind macho-posturing" might win elections but just isn't a solution. Lincoln Chaffee and his wife Stephanie have three children, Louisa, Caleb and Thea. Might be just me but sometimes I'm persuaded that names of a candidate's spouse, and or former spouses, and the names of their children are a deciding factor in the election process.

    Like so many Chafee did have a public disagreement with Donald Trump. The subject was whether the racehorse Secretariat was the best race horse ever. The thing about Secretariat is that he produced very few foals, and those he might have produced are suspect. Trump, is very proud of his own genetics and has successfully passed them along several times through  a number of partners, and it might have been Secretariat's inability to produce little Secretariats, rather than his ability to win horse races that Trump was referencing. Yes indeed macho-posturing is all the rage, pointing submarines, missiles, assault rifles, but not fingers. Trump's wives include Ivana, Marla and Melania. His children include Donald, Ivanka, Erik, Tiffany and Barron. Trump's father was called Fred. And I have to say that in the area of skeeviness Lincoln Chaffee gets really low marks.



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