An English In Kentucky


















 Sunday October 25th 2015 Tim Candler9


      A host of Grackle, a great cloud of them, visited on their way to who knows where. Often they can be seen with Starling, I guess it's a mood that takes them, an excitement and it doesn't really matter who you're flying with as long as there are others to fly with. Kind of like streams of motorcycles without the costumes.

    Riots are like that. One person does it, the next person does it, then everyone does it. School shootings, an epidemic here in the USA. And you'd think you'd have to be in close physical proximity to copy, join the crowd, but you don't. It's more like the Borg, with threads of idea all the way around the planet. Ah to hell with it, I'll stick a pin in my nose and get an ankle tattoo.



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