An English In Kentucky


















 Monday October 26th 2015 Tim Candler9


      Your writer of pulp as The Letlander editor-in-chief is coming up on Chapter Seventeen. And we all know the problems some of us have had with Chapter Seventeen. It's not been fun, it's been burnt in effigy several times and on one occasion it was printed up and used to start the outdoor stove. So there's considerable tension here where I live, which naturally enough begins with a title. Chapter Seventeen is called Sandwiches and a casual observer might think that simple enough, direct, not long winded but they know nothing!

    Nor is there any great harmony between your writer of pulp and your writer of pulp as editor. After long discussion and to much grumbling in the ranks your writer of pulp as editor was given the title editor-in-chief. The idea came from Socio-Biology. An attempt to produce a meme in the tapestry that might quell the constant debate about things like the definite article The and whether Chapter Seventeen should be called Sandwiches. The point being that Ham Sandwiches makes much more sense, and the editor-in-chief isn't that good at spelling.



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