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 Wednesday October 28th 2015 Tim Candler9


      I didn't know that Jeb Bush, Presidential candidate in the Republican Primaries, was eating a low carbohydrate Paleo diet. And while your political correspondent has yet to fully develop a skeeviness profile for this candidate, he is wholly engaged by the idea of diet as a factor in the qualities we look for in our presidents. Just to make certain we're all on the same page, low carbohydrate means you don't eat things like Potato, and Paleo means you spend most of your meal time chewing on bits of meat without benefit of a flour gravy. And here, strictly speaking, a sausage might not qualify as an authentic Paleolithic foodstuff.

    Paleolithic refers to a period of time that lasted well over two million years for our species. Sometimes easier to think of it as The Stone Age. The purists will consider it a primitive era, we were more free wheeling, song singing, drum beating hunter gatherer than we were boring old farmers, our tool making talents produced stone implements, some of which were used to dispatch the Woolly Mammoth and scare off creatures like Saber Toothed Tigers, our gods were many and splendid as the great oneness conjoined in a tapestry that relieved us people of the awesome burden of living upon earth much longer than maybe a glorious thirty years. But I guess if you call it the Paleo Diet, it all becomes very Beach Chair in Cancun and guaranteed to cure tubbiness while making a person look two, maybe four years younger.



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