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 Friday October 30th 2015 Tim Candler9


      If your correspondent was a man of principle, someone with the grit and determination of a philosopher king, he'd have ignored what we call DST, and there would be none of this PTCA. One of the problems of being something like a philosopher king for your correspondent is most of his time pieces mysteriously adjust automatically, and then tell him how wonderfully clever they are, except for one loyal subject which lives in the dashboard of his vehicle, which means when driving to something like a Dentist's appointment, he's got absolutely no idea what time it is and often arrives half an hour late, or half an hour early and occasionally he gets there a whole day early. So it's a problem.

    Yet PTCA, despite affecting or effecting, men, women, children and creatures that have to be milked is insufficiently well studied by the white coat professional classes to be recognized as a condition. And worth pausing briefly to realize that those who live in the equatorial regions of our planet are neither affected or effected by PTCA. Which I think will demonstrate that Pre Time Change Anxiety is an entirely manmade condition which for some of us starts around a week ago and continues until well after the Winter Solstice. Symptoms are moments of intense irritation, randomly uttering "What time is it actually?" and hours wasted cursing the inventors of the most aggravating phrase in the English language "Fall Back, Spring Forward." Might have to go back to bed, make a second attempt to start my day.



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