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 Monday October 5th 2015 Tim Candler9


      One of the problems of failing memory and the need for records, is that I don't actually remember whether I've been vaccinated against a rabies. I do know that a person has a rabies shot, then a week or so late they have another rabies shot. And I'm pretty certain that some time in the distant past I had a shot and then a week or so later I had a booster shot. And this horrible experience was supposed to protect me from something for at least ten years.

     It is possible that these very feeble memories were actually experienced by someone else, and I have somehow sublimated them into my own increasingly vague narrative. The obvious solution is to just go for it and never again look in the mirror. Henceforth I will be that person who loves going into town. Welcomes an opportunity to visit the Dentist, doesn't care where he parks in the Post Office car parking area and relishes a discussion with the purveyors of propane around the issue of a loudly humming valve on their propane tank.



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