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 Tuesday October 6th 2015 Tim Candler9


      Tomorrow is a possible Day Of Rapture, the next opportunity is something like 2030.  So here goes on a few final thoughts for those of us who might be less saintly than others. Current society is increasingly global and increasingly feudal. Nation states owe allegiance to Corporations, the voting public are an inconvenience, kind of like a cable television bill. The political class are more like courtiers within the dance of global capital than they are like people who'd pay for their own breakfast or complicate their thoughts by reading more than one book.

     The Magna Charta had nothing to do with democracy, it had to do with a trade deal that would reduce any single persons influence over the propertied class and the result was a nation state as opposed to a bunch of quarrelling powerful families, or Afghanistan. So what us peasants are looking for isn't a trade deal, it's some kind of seat at the table of some kind world government. And we can all be certain that table will not be round because it never has been round. Either way I've been behaving especially well, and I did feel a little tug last Rapture Day so I might not be here tomorrow.



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