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 Wednesday October 7th 2015 Tim Candler9


      Sweet Potato day three. The ground is still heavy from the rains, but Sweet Potato from twelve plants are abundant this year, so another day or two to carefully harvest them all. Currently the Sweet Potato sprinkled with oil, salt and pepper, and then baked are delicious, but soon enough there will be increasingly radical experiments with Sweet Potato cooking techniques. Boiling, mashing and I'm sure there's whole bunch of other things that can be done for this truly amazing source of very good food.

     When it comes to Sweet Potato harvesting, there are three grades of Sweet Potato. The little ones about the size and shape of a small sausage don't keep well, these are called Swees where I live, and they have to be eaten soon. Then there are the slightly larger Sweet Potato which after curing can keep until around Christmas. The bigger Sweet Potato, the giants, will keep until easily the end of February, by which time a person is pretty much allergic to eating Sweet Potato. Which is odd, because some of us could happily eat the other kind of Potato every single day.



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