An English In Kentucky


















 Thursday October 8th 2015 Tim Candler9


      Our hero has a suspected case of Rabies, he might have been bitten by a Mongoose, and he is bound for Afon-Bedd or Grave River as it might translate, and yes it's a made up name, which is all very exciting because there are saints, or at least there are people in Afon-Bedd who think they are saints. And it might be necessary for your writer of pulp, to pull himself together a little and finish editing The Letlander, or Book Five Point One of The Rabbit of Usk.

     It's all very well having a plan, turning summersaults trying to stick to the plan in the interests of cohesion, comprehensibility and so on, but there's been the small problem of where to end The Letlander. And thanks to a particular Sweet Potato, it was large and curved in shape so releasing it from heavy soil without breaking it was shall will say troublesome, The Letlander has an end point, and your gardener has what they call a Woolly Knee.



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