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 Friday October 9th 2015 Tim Candler9


      Highly principled people might usefully be called martyrs. Some of whom could easily be attempting to join the ranks of the Medieval Saints. But some saints from those long ago days where more like Saint Winifred. Winifred as a young girl rejected a suitor and he decided to cut her head off. Winifred's head rolled down hill and when it stopped rolling Winifred's head caused there to be a spring with healing properties. Nor was this the end of the story. Winifred's brother, who also became a saint, was outraged not so much following the loss of his sister, rather because after the dreadful deed, he saw Winifred's suitor leaning on his sword and smiling. This was the absolutely wrong thing for the suitor to do, and quite rightly Winifred's brother called down a chastisement from heaven. Heaven agreed that any kind of smirking was wrong and almost immediately the earth opened and Winifred's suitor was swallowed.

     Fortunately, and such is the nature of miracles, with much help from a maternal uncle Winifred was able to reattach her head. Following this successful procedure there was a scar all the way around her neck. Winifred's necklace it was called. Naturally she went on to become a Nun and in due course rose in the ranks of her order, becoming an Abbess. However like Saint Teresa, Winifred was inspired to follow a simpler life, she took to wandering around inland Wales where she caused there to be all sorts of excitements. And worth noting, back in those medieval days, a Saint was a Saint following popular acclaim rather than some kind rigid and structured court case by the smelly footed in Rome. And yes indeed, here where I live, there are some truly valiant attempts to grasp the nature of the political classes.



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