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 Saturday September 12th 2015 Tim Candler9


    Some years ago a Prime Minister of the United Kingdom made the statement that "Labour is the natural party of opposition." He was a man called Edward Heath. It was a classic understanding of society, simplistic, arrogant and possibly true. Rich man in his castle, poor man at his gate. In the USA the same sentiment issues from the statement "Time for the adults to take over." Then sometimes things go awry for the Castle Dweller and for the Adults. They have to buy obedience.

     Currently obedience is secured by promises that things will get better. The definition of better would appear to consist primarily of an increase in the size of the cake off which we all feed. And here, the rude question addresses the theoretical possibilities of the cake's capacity for endless increase which is as much an act of faith as for example belief in the virgin birth. Granted we all live in stories, such a shame so many of them are fairy tales. Then something happens, we call them saviors. Like bright stars, they flash, burn and disappear into the castle, or they grow up and become dull as shale. Either way I'm glad Jeremy Corbyn won his mandate.


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