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 Sunday September 13th 2015 Tim Candler9


    The recent hiatus has played such havoc on routine, I even had lunch. A necessary interlude, otherwise fatness sets in. It's a sort of combination of smug and pompous, a horrible condition, and yet without a degree of fatness no word would be written. Probably wrong to think of it as fatness, the word has connotations in the land of plenty. So call it something else. Smompousness.

     The distinction between smug and pompous, is I think mostly a simple one. The smug are less vocal, the pompous are noisy. When put together in a writer of pulp he begins to sound like a snore, and while the snorer is quite unaware of his snoring, it's his fellows that suffer. One solution is of course to sleep in a sound proof room. Call it a Smompous Room with internet access. Well worth recalling another symptom of smompousness is making up words.


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