An English In Kentucky


















 Friday September 25th 2015 Tim Candler9


    Thomas Hughes wrote several books. The Manliness of Christ, being one of them. He was born in Uffington, which back then was in Berkshire and which is now in Oxfordshire. But the thing about Thomas Hughes is the connection he has to our hero. Any mention of Hughes' book Tom Brown's Schooldays, a manly yarn about Victorian Boarding schools, will put our hero into a state of apoplexy, send him into ennui and cause him to contemplate the long handled shovel as a means to salvation.

     Which is why your narrator has never told Timotei Candlemass that JH Woolly, a name upon AB Gorely's list, would have known that the author of Tom Brown's Schooldays was familiar with Uffington, Kingston Lisle and the White Horse. All of which remain for the moment little bright stars in our hero's heart. The other thing about Thomas is that he wrote an account of Alfred's time upon earth which is up there with Van Doran Honeyman's ludicrous contribution to erudition and learning.  Just as well there's no touching the books in the Library at Rugby Tennessee.


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