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 Wednesday September 30th 2015 Tim Candler9


      Yr Iaith is Welsh for The Language. It's one letter away from the English word Faith. At least I reckon it is. There are some who'll suggest that Languages which become vulnerable should be allowed to whither and die. Others will suggest that social cohesion depends upon a shared language, the Tower of Babel a punishment upon us people and we should all speak with one tongue, kind of like a garden with only one variety of plant, all of them Dandelion perhaps.

     In the end, the issue it one of obedience to the Gods of Income. The problem is as much a man with sword as it is a man with a different language, a different sound, a different music, a different color. The other problem is those who might insist that we can do better, live in polite pluralistic harmony. And the thing about that is we don't, never have been able to, probably never will be able to. Which is why our heroic hero chooses sides. Call him tribal if you have to, or a Baboon. It's up to you.


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