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 Monday April 12th 2016Tim Candler9


      Lilac are beginning to bloom. The older theory is that when Lilac Bloom, the local community of Hoppy Bug emerge from their winter quarters, they say hello to each other, have a stiff drink and proceed to hunt around for things to molest, like Eggplant and Potato. So best to wait until Lilac have finished blooming before even mentioning the words Eggplant or Potato.



      It's wonderful how the mind can take hold of an idea, consider it a revelation, then cling to it as though it were a life raft on the sea of discordance, rather than something that makes no sense whatsoever. Newer theories include the idea that Hoppy Bug are the Creeping Grass of the Insect World, they are both distantly related to the Fallen Angel Lucifer and the bloom of Lilac is the bloom of Lilac.



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