An English In Kentucky


















 Tuesday April 13th 2016Tim Candler9


      It's the niddle-naddles that are missing. If you take a piece of ground upon which people have lived for a while the amount of stuff boggles the mind. From the electric lines and fence lines through street signs, then across the road to a stray plastic Thank You bag blown by the wind. There are timetables, lights, television aerials, cemeteries, churches, libraries and bars if you're lucky.



      In Saint Barbara one temptation is to do away with what's loosely referred to as Progress, go back in time to Ox and Donkey and maybe even the Dinosaur, which isn't easy to do anywhere near a railway line or a Yellow Roof Motor Lodge. It's a dilemma and after much consideration and some debate the architect has suggested a Gallows be erected on Saint Barbara's Summit. The Three Crosses, it'll be called.



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