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 Thursday April 14th 2016Tim Candler9


      Gentle Seedlings from the shelter of window ledges are into the full sun today. A tense time, it's called "hardening off" in some quarters, and it's a well known fact that during "hardening off" seedlings have to be looked at and encouraged every five minutes otherwise they succumb to the pox of "nobody loves me."



     They have a sort of littleness to them, it's their tenderness, their feet are delicate and their leaves are winsome, a boy choir all dressed up in their granny lace and white socks. Have to think Tomato and things like the Peppers are trebles, the Eggplant, the Basil are Alto. Yes indeed, on a day like today a gardener does feel a little possessed by the perversion of sending children to war.



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