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 Friday April 15th 2016Tim Candler9


      White Throated Sparrow in good form, his song is sometimes called "Oh Sweet Canada," it can briefly stop the heart of a listener, and it's a long, long way from the Barred Owl's sinister "Who Cooks For You." The Barred Owl however is not a bud eater, he's more of a Bunny Rabbit and Vole bird, which is useful, but in the spring the White Throated Sparrow thoroughly enjoys a juicy bud which can be tiresome for a gardener until he sings to love and all is forgiven.



     One of the problems for White Throated Sparrow is the lack of seed in the late winter on into early summer. He'll have a go at insects, he'll spend many hours rustling in last years leaves looking for little beetles, maybe a small spider or a gnat, nothing too aggressive looking or big eyed. Have to think that after a while he gets the taste for insect, goes crazy, becomes adventurous, decides to have a go at something like a Moth. It's not a pretty sight, or elegant, or in any way graceful.



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