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 Tuesday April 19th 2016Tim Candler9


      There's no doubt our Tree Swallows are oblivious to the Primary Election that'll occur today in the North Eastern Regions of the USA, somewhere called the State of New York. I say this because Tree Swallows are far more interested in getting the whole business of choosing a nesting site, egg laying, feeding young, persuading young to fly and getting it all over and done with as quickly as possible so they can do what they do best which is fly, show off and make the rest of us feel totally inadequate and incredibly dull. Tree Swallows are essentially more like noisy motorcycle gangs hogging the gas pumps than studious librarians. Bluebirds on the other hand are by nature political creatures who are fond of the game of chess, they like their peace and quiet, they have strong opinions and when the Tree Swallows arrive there's a whole thing in the Bluebird community which from bitter experience of watching them feed their young I have learned to call "Bluebird Disdain."



     If you're a Bluebird the arrival of something like a posse of Tree Swallows does cause the raised eyebrow, and much worse for Bluebirds, they share similar nesting sites with Tree Swallows. True, Bluebirds are a little more particular in just about everything, but the ubiquitous Bluebird nesting box does tempt a Tree Swallow. They just have to take turns to look inside it, often followed by a discussion. And here, the political genius of Bluebirds comes into play. When they're up against Sparrow or Starling a Bluebird can become like Attila the Hun and it's the sack of Rome kind of behavior but when they're up against a Tree Swallow, there's no question of a battle royal from the Bluebird in defense of a nest site, they'll just sit there on the fence, a hunch to their shoulders, an intensity of expression with just the occasional wing flip that definitely contains threatening language of the North Korean quality. Call me sensitive but it creeps me out, drives me off my own back porch and I'm delighted to report it does the same kind of thing to Tree Swallows.


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