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 Wednesday April 20th 2016Tim Candler9


      The girl Cat is either two years old or four to nine months old. Her more useful role will be to discourage Rabbit, Brown Thrashers, Chipmunk, Vole and other small rodents. Currently she's not particularly fierce, she's strong hearted, good character, she's quite adorable in soft paws kind of way and her experience of the outdoors is probably zero. Which means it'll be my role to become an Uncle Cat and train her up in the useful arts.



     Uncle Cats are supposed to bring in little tit-bits from the outdoors so that younger more innocent cats can learn. And when I say tit-bits I mean something like a slightly wounded Field Mouse, which I deposit near my Niece Cat so that she might spend happy hours chasing it around the domicile, listening to it squeak and theoretically the experience will give her taste for a freshly killed meat product that has fur and bones. Yes indeed, it sounds like a rural nightmare, but that's just the way things are.


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