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 Sunday April 24th 2016Tim Candler9


      It was the actor and Union Leader, Ronald Reagan, he was President of the Screen Actors Guild for seven years, who gave the New Conservatives their chance to test their theories. He was USA's very own trouser wearing Margaret Thatcher, without the TINA (There Is No Alternative) convictions. President Reagan's administration was followed by President George H W Bush who's honorable contribution was to destroy his own reputation by trying to clear a certain indebtedness the United States had fallen into following the eight years of Ronald Reagan's attempt to starve the Beast of Government by reducing taxes, which the new conservatives had convinced themselves was the Solution to The Problem. George H W Bush did his best, but he pissed off the new conservatives and was blamed for being insufficiently austere which somehow or other had resulted in a downturn in the economy, which meant George H W Bush served one term and the Republican Party lost control of the Presidency to a man called William Jefferson Clinton, a member of the USA's Democratic Party.



     William Clinton's signature phrase during the 1992 election was "It's the economy, stupid!" and his administration proceeded to adopt many of the new conservative ideas which included reducing the size and responsibilities of government, a devotion to the idea of Free Trade within a Global Economy and a reduction of government's control over the Organs of Capital, stuff like banks and the stock market. In the USA manufacturing increasingly struggled to compete, employment in manufacturing suffered as manufacturing capital moved to all sorts of places, including China, and if you had any kind of income in the United states stuff to buy became cheaper and more plentiful while the quality of jobs in the United States became less and less certain and more and more poorly paid. Any way I think the point I'm trying to make is that President Clinton, who is Democratic Presidential Primary candidate Hillary Clinton's husband, was to the Democratic Party kind of like the United Kingdom's Tony Blair was to the British Labour Party, without the "Let's invade Iraq" idiot gene.


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