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 Monday April 25th 2016Tim Candler9


      I'd argue that Social Conservatives, with respect to the strength of their convictions and their organizational capacities, could set an example to the Sander's Socialist Movement. But were the economy to suddenly start producing a great many excellent secure jobs with generous retirement and health packages, I'd suggest the great majority of the Sanders Devotees would drift into the corporate valleys of Capital and there they'd remain, like lumps of coal. Social Conservatives benefit from the ideas of Christian Leadership which enforce a duty to care about stuff like abortion, gay marriage, giving to charity, building tax free churches and whether or not to use a prophylactic before traditionally sanctioned bonding activities, as well as an ethic which encourages community through a form of segregation. It's a mind blowing thing, hard for some of us to comprehend, but Christian leadership promises a unearthly future after death which apparently is worth sacrificing for.



     Luther is strong here in the USA, we are individually responsible for the fate of our soul. Socialism and to a certain extent the Democratic Party suggest otherwise. It's a global community we live in, they'd claim. And "It Takes a Village," a Nigerian proverb I believe was the title the book Hillary Clinton found the time to write when she was Bill Clinton's First Lady. It was the more ardent New Conservatives, determined to destroy the Clinton Presidency who proceeded through the new media to spread the idea that Hillary Clinton believed "It takes a government to raise a child." Depends on the meaning of government, I'd guess. And here, rather than rambling on, I think the point I'm trying to make is that Bernie Sanders is no Lenin, but at the same time a good job, hard work and the occasional holiday at the beach is pretty much the root of President Obama's (the current President of the United States) evaluation of a person's wants, anything else it seems might be too complicated for the majority of us, and he could well be correct.


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