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 Tuesday April 26th 2016Tim Candler9


      I began this conversation with myself some days ago by suggesting that in the USA there's a growing reaction against Neo-Liberalism. Those of us who could well be Post-Modernists are currently increasingly unfashionable, our time has gone, a pointless luxury. Call us Existentialists, greet us with suspicion, there's nothing worthwhile, nothing worth living for, without some kind of genuine truth we all might as well be dead, so why not just deceive each other for the sake of a career or a job on the radio or a chair as a talking head. Yet for the gently angst laden, one of the great joys to be had from the Political Class and their multiple allies during times of intense stress, such as an election season, is watching the story, a sporting event with words and symbols. Not a Spelling Bee, you understand, where there is only one correct answer, rather a competition to write a story we actually want to hear, a best seller I guess. Then when the election season is done, a story wins and that story has to confront the Court of the Possible, and in that court the end of the story is rewritten, endlessly, time and again, always. And I'd agree with you, my own position with respect to our species has never really been a very pretty one which makes me a prime target for the temptations of Neo-Liberal philosophy or a fundamentalist church, which might come as odd from a gardener who in his years has found solace amongst his vegetables from the Hashomar Hatzair Movement's understanding, which was to shape the image of a child from birth to maturity through care and community instead of variations on the theme of "Winner Take All" whether in heaven or hell.



     In some districts of United States' Republican Party, Ronald Reagan has the stature of a Saint, not a Pope authorized Saint, rather a popularly acclaimed regional and very localized saint which is how sainthood was granted in the Medieval Period. It was while in search of votes for the Reagan story that the Republican Party introduced passages to their narrative that would appeal to Social Conservatives, who quickly emerged from the spiritual world with a whole bunch of new chapter headings. It was a simple, not complicated loyalty, a chapter called Pro-Life was pretty much all it took, and the complexities of such questions as rich men and the eye of a needle were all kind subsumed within an idea of charity, bootstraps, personal responsibility and it's your fault if you're hungry or pregnant, a great boon to those who worried about an evil Central Government squandering the nation's wealth on pointless things like satanic Supreme Court Judges, civil rights, welfare programs, and welfare cheating. Yes indeed the books of Kennedy and Johnson finally sent to the second hand shop and the rot of course had already set in with Franklin Roosevelt. Then sometime around the end of the second Bush's administration the economy did indeed go crazy stupid. As a Neo-Liberal, I would have assumed the Darwinian position and I would have nobly said "Let no organ of government interfere. For the greater good of true reward, efficiency and the future of our world, what will be, will be." But that didn't happen, interest rates flat-lined, money was printed to plug the gap amidst the chicken hearted waffle of "too big to fail."


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