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 Saturday April 2nd 2016Tim Candler9


      Yes indeed but perhaps more interesting is the year 1961 which apparently saw a frost in these parts on the morning of May 27th.  It's the case that frost can happen when a thermometer reads 36 degrees Fahrenheit. That's your Patchy Frosts, and at around 33 degrees you can get the Harder Frosts that settle and pinch, but tomorrow morning's predicted temperature is 30 degrees Fahrenheit and that kind of horrible news means frost is called A Freeze.



     At 30 degrees the Potato Sprouts will blacken, and the suspicion is that things like Peach blossom might struggle, Strawberry with tender growth won't be happy and the list is a little long. In short a Sturdy Yeoman would do well to put away his higher hopes go into the late Saturday evening to cuddle and swaddle his gentler charges. Might not be that easy to do with a forecast for gusty winds long into the darkness.



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