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 Saturday April 30th 2016Tim Candler9


      Be still the heart, Yellow Chat Distraction is upon us. A most glorious bird, who probably not once in his time upon earth has considered writing a list during the summer months. They're far to busy, displaying the dashing eyebrow, practicing their songs and their butterfly dance while girl Yellow Chat's yawn. All the same your correspondent still dreams of embarking upon an intimate critique of the Gold Standard, a recipe sure to produce sleepless nights of creeping around, overdosing on cigarettes and other painful behaviors, all of which means some kind of compromise through distraction is required in the interest of mental health, wellbeing and harmony. Sadly, the most tempting question on this rainy day, "Is Bernie Sanders a Yellow Chat?" I think the more manipulating professional might call this a necessary Baby Step Question for a patient attempting to remove himself from the press and angst of politics and for all mental patients with CTD (Compulsive Talking Disorder, an attention seeking subset of tourettes) such as George Will, much of Hollywood and the list is kind of long.



     The search for any kind of relationships between Birds and political actors does seem to denigrate our feathered friends, so easier perhaps to maintain balance by entering the area of thought with a less complex and endearing character than Sanders. And here the mind wanders hopelessly toward Rafael Edward Cruz as a starting point. Interesting that on occasion Cruz seems to have suggested that god called him to the presidency. My own peculiar reaction to the news was to recall the events of May 1848 in Salt Lake Valley which is in the north east part of a territory which became the 45th State of the Union in 1896. The point about that particular May of 1848 is that had it not been for Seagulls 4000 followers of Brigham Young might have starved following a crop failure. Ravenous crickets, or possibly grasshoppers, were destroying their fields, eating everything in their path, then suddenly a miracle occurred. Seagulls, thousands, possible millions of them appeared out of nowhere saved the crop by eating all the crickets. In the search for a relationship between Birds and political actors one place to start might be with a Bird's choice of food and more especially a bird's habits around collecting food.


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