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 Sunday April 3rd 2016Tim Candler9


      There's far too much happening! Our hero is a prisoner of his own uncertainties, he's in an office on the second floor of Glavni Kolodvar, which is basically Croatian for Central Railway Station. The thing about the office, its walls are plastered with mug shots that go back through time to the dawn of photography. Bandits, bank robbers, purse snatchers and political activists. A very sobering experience for a young hero who's uncertain of his own legal status in the Socialist Republic, nor is his grandfather being a great deal of help.



     There's a huge debate in Saint Barbara around a Hostelry, which looks very much like a Motor Lodge or Motel. The more wiseacre Barbarians have not only declared it an eyesore they're wondering where the big road is. Their argument does make sense, no one travels by Steam Train to spend a night in something that looks like a  Motel. The Architect's wheedling on about tourism, the need to keep an open mind, plurality of interests, the difficulty of making roads that look like roads and the possibility of some kind of road in the future falls on deaf ears. So you can imagine last night's frost was pretty much the last straw.



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