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 Tuesday April 5th 2016Tim Candler9


      OK Guys! When you think about it there's something really very peculiar about those hundreds of thousands, perhaps even tens of millions, who spend at least an hour a day discussing the this and that with a technical device. In the end it's kind of like the question "Why climb Mount Everest?"  Hillary's reply, "Because it's there!" A simple, straight forward answer which at the same time is completely unsatisfactory and in many ways very irritating but understandable from a stoic New Zealander who probably never discussed anything with a technical device, he had a compass, a magnetic north and Sherpa Tensing. 



      Residents of Saint Barbara have the same set of anxieties. In their dimension they exist at the whim of a creator, they are a product of "Creative Is" and when the lights go out they stare at the darkness, and if you're still at heart you can hear the grumble "Why climb Mount Everest?" Can't really tell them "Because it's there!" Such an offering from me would surely bring out the militia, dread to think what the reaction would be  in the Odd fellow Lodge and a good chance the Yellow Roof Motel would be vandalized by unemployed youth who haven't seen a tiny train for what feels like months. So Peace Out, everybody calm down and let's call it a tarmac road.



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