An English In Kentucky


















 Friday April 8th 2016Tim Candler9


      Blue Grey Gnatcatcher and Paired Dove figure large in the immediate vicinity of the Domicile. The Gnatcatcher was about his or her business, presumably looking for Gnats amongst the fruitless blooms of the ornamental Cherry, and once Dove have paired there's a week or so of truly erratic behavior from them, they'll do anything for attention.



      It's almost as though the Dove bond requires them to share moments of intense reverie, they enter a dream state, together they reach deep into their imagination, let loose the nodes of bliss, ride the wave of their own perfection then suddenly wake up to the follies of existence. The Back Porch was their chapel this morning and in the distance a Woodpecker was beating the drum to the call of Turkey. It was pretty, if you like that kind of thing.



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