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 Wednesday August 10th 2016Tim Candler9


     Just call me Her Indoors. And not one of these, Sweetener, Tennis Playing, low cal double decaf and High Heels on the Weekend Her Indoors. Yes indeed, with no attempt at false modesty this is a genuine, full cream milk, wooden spoon wielding, cigar chomping, salt of the earth type Her Indoors. Ten and half hours. Fifteen and half quarts of Thick Apple Sauce from two five gallon buckets of Scrumpy Apples, a most welcome delivery from the neighbor in Central Time.



      The Scrumpy Apple, was gleanings from the fallen in orchards, they were used for home made cider, beautiful stuff. Usually the cider came out green and it could knock you into a peaceful oblivion for twenty four hours especially with a suspect pork chop in the brew, to assist the yeasts apparently. But these Scrumpy Apples where perfect Apples, entirely without benefit of insecticides, not absolutely certain how long to Pressure Cook the Apple Worm, so you can imagine the experience of coring and dicing.


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