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 Friday August 12th 2016Tim Candler9


     It's not often a person finds themselves reaching to the Serbian Language for adequate expressions with which to curse. But I will say this to those who propose that a particular Language isn't a particular way of thinking. Oh sure for those who share similar circumstances across the world it might well be that the argument doesn't seem to apply. Give yourself the right tax bracket, graduate from the University, live an urban life or mechanical life, understand the distinction between a Polemic, a Pamphlet and a cocktail party, know why lawyers have a purpose, and you're problems become similar no matter your language of origin because you're well on your way to living half way between Earth and Mars and your language has lost the culture of its past, replaced by synapses that all fire the same way as the world becomes smaller, less inviting, less interesting, obsessed with irrelevances, and you can call those irrelevances sophistication if you're brave enough.



      The Russians have some fine curses, suffice to say they also have two ways of describing a Blue Sky, a tribute to their ancestors understanding of the subtleties in weather. But the Serbian capacity to arrange the words within their curses, I'd suggest, has to do with the turmoil of a people of the Balkans, a part of the world fought over for thousands of years by the armies of the powerful, both East and West, by Muslims, by Christians and by all else in between. It's the case also a great majority of Serbian Curses are shall we say blue to the point of being purple, and not for these pages. And I believe I'm prepared to argue that they have a sort of poetry to them, a meter in the sound, as well as a gymnastic which brings on a fatalistic smile rather than offence. Here were I live there's an invisible insect, at least I've never seen it, the bite of which produces a sore with an itch worthy of the seventh circle of hell, and all I can say is that I hope its children --- ------ -- --- by a Hoppy Bug.


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