An English In Kentucky


















 Tuesday August 16th 2016Tim Candler9


     Our hero and one of his fellow examinees were recently subjected to a tranquilizer, sneakily injected into their arms while they weren't looking, and according to the Specialist from Bristol's assistant, a Miss Eggers, each dose was sufficient to quickly incapacitate a charging adult Chimpanzee. It was a compound of benzodiazepine, and certainly while it solved an immediate problem for the Professionals attempting to deal with two reluctant and slightly out of control patients suspected of being possessed by early stages of the infectious Rabies virus, Miss Eggers' compound had yet to fulfill it's obligations to the MCA, an agency which in 1970 something was charged with the responsibility for determining the suitableness or otherwise of a medicinal compound for use on people. And when you come to think of it, it's just mind blowing what a Writer of Pulp has to go through in order to get two of his characters locked up in an isolation ward so they might explore a relationship.



       I remember Camus', The Plague, I think it was called. A quarantined town in North Africa, enduring an outbreak of Bubonic Plague. And certainly in the matter of being, and who we are or might be, especially in those days following the Second World War and the realization that 20th Century Europe had produced The Holocaust, Albert Camus had a perfect vehicle for exploring a grand sweep of the possibilities in what's loosely referred to as Human Nature. My own task in the Vestry of Monnow isn't so mighty an enterprise. All I have to do is arrange matters so that the The Great Oneness might come to the understanding that our hero's grandfather never lied when the Lead Bull came for him, and that indeed in one of his many past lives he'd performed miracles, which makes him not only worthy of The Pope's attention as a potential Medieval Christian Saint, but he's obviously been unfairly treated in all subsequent lives, and under no circumstances does our hero's grandfather deserve to be exiled as an English Speaking Rabbit in the Usk Valley, a purgatory infinitely worse than being returned as a Shellfish.


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