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 Sunday August 21st 2016Tim Candler9


     Hegemony is experienced within the words "That's just the way it is." It's kind of like an Invisible Hand. Mostly those who embrace an hegemony will first have to see a future within it and you can call it motivation through a love of god rather than attrition if you wish to because to embrace anything a mind has to accept that much of the thing embraced is "beyond understanding" rather than "possibly wrong." In short it's faith that maintains an hegemony, which might suggest to the wary that something like Economics should never, ever be thought of as a science. Physics, however, is a science just as long as it contains within it's own "That's just the way it is" an idea of flux, a future of change through discovery, a fifth fundamental force can't simply be dismissed. Science is an adventure for open, not closed minds, but a person's career in science is probably as subject to economics and politics as anything else might be.



       And I guess if I have a point to make it is that consciousness and all its hereditaments both corporeal and incorporeal are well adapted to maintaining a degree of stability within a constantly changing environment. The thing about it is that without our passion for stability, our emotional attachment to it, living things, all living things, would not be. Which in the end is the reason why we people make things and in the process become emotionally dependant upon the things we make, and "That's just the way it is." The question this hegemony raises is the extent to which our species is capable of existence outside of this force in our being. Of the many answers, one answer is to search for stability elsewhere, in other places and we've been doing that since long before Zoroaster with his vision of a constitution. We've had our Gods, some nasty some nice. We've tried to put chivalry into killing each other with no great success. We've looked at Love and produced a series of Holocausts. Either way I'm glad the neo-liberal hegemony is almost run its course, I was in my twenties when it again reared its ugly head, hope I'm alive to see its funeral. Yes indeed, Hope and Change.


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