An English In Kentucky


















 Thursday August 24th 2016Tim Candler9


     Never a big fan of points, it was always the feeler gauge that went missing, and there was a whole thing, so I'll have to admit the electric ignition was sort of a joy, even if the that little box was downhill for tinkering with engines. The trouble with Doctor T could be one of many things. I do know his heads have to be cleaned, which is what they call a big job for me and I suspect the carburetor needs to have its float chamber looked at which is a whole can of worms.



       And while Doctor T isn't one of these old fashioned characters, he's got all the modern conveniences, including a fuel pump which is kind of deluxe and a genuine oil pump, not one of those splashers that does nothing on hills, it's always a little nerve-racking to have to address the issue of bolt size and special tools. Somewhere in the world, and not many know this, there are people in smoke filled rooms who spend seven days a week plotting how best to infuriate the Small Engine Repair Man.


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