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 Saturday August 27th 2016Tim Candler9


     Wanted to have a good talking to myself today about William Morris and being a Team Player. Morris wasn't alone in hoping for a working condition that might enable an Individual Person to remain an Individual Person instead of this fantasy idea of a person being a Team Player until such time as he or she messes up as a Team Player and only then is he or she considered an Individual and is made an example of, so that others might better learn obedience. And in this particular area please don't tell me I'm exaggerating, or have failed to grasp the nuances within a propaganda called Individual Responsibility. It's a catch all phrase, a meme, a simple excuse, which like all good propaganda insinuates itself into structure, where it designs not an individual but something more like a Chameleon. If you explore the mechanics of riot you'll know what I'm talking about. An Individual Person reacts to the behavior of others, always has done, always will. Go bravely to the Lions my friend, God is watching.



       I remember the loose leaf notion of "Being Well Grounded." It was always important in the smoke filled rooms when it was time to gossip and report. But the assumption that "Being Well Grounded" is anything fundamentally different to being in line with the dominant social thesis is so much codswallop based upon yet another assumption that there is only one objective. What this means is that hell for leather we gather to follow each other and frankly might as well be Slime Molds. And if by some odd circumstance we were Individuals as opposed to Individual People we would exist either as hermits or in splendid isolation like Snow Leopards who meet occasionally for the single purpose of furthering the species, beyond that we'd have absolutely nothing to do with each other. And I do understand that a person who might by some kind of horrible accident have avoided contact with the Team Player gene should really and truly be made an example of. On a more definitional note, while a none Team Player has a useful role, he's not an Individual in the grand sense, he's a trouble maker. If you share this view, welcome to the club, we practice rolling our eyes on Monday evenings.


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