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 Monday August 29th 2016Tim Candler9


     Some of us might be what they call a "Willy-Nilly Pressure Canner." We just can anything that looks can-able, it's the rows of colorful jars that fills the soul, rather than the content of the jars. Then there's a bias, innate in us novice canners which veers toward the idea that anything we might can is up there with the most delicious thing we've ever tasted and anyone who disagrees is clearly a knuckle-dragging salt and vinegar potato chips kind of person who wouldn't know a Bovril extract flavored chip if it jumped up and bit him on the nose.



       Well all that nonsense has got to change. Can't just stuff something in a well labeled can and call it genius. Nor does it really help when a canner becomes aggressive in defense of his preconceptions. He has to learn humility, not easy for some of us. He has to accept the objective potential in any criticism, rather than reaching for the Kalashnikov and declaring a border war. Hate to say it, but a "well grounded canner" is an even tempered individual, and it's entirely possible he should have discarded his soaking liquid for his Asian Pear slices instead of worrying about wasting half a cup of Lemon Juice.


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