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 Tuesday August 2nd 2016Tim Candler9


     Easy to think of candidates for high office as Fruit Cakes. It's that moment of their looking in the mirror and saying to themselves, "I will be President of these here United States." Worth marking the distinction between such a psychotic to the point of schizotypal idea of self and that hoped for humility within a more admirable idea of leadership as Purpose and Courage. And likely there will be some of us in the more general population who could well join me in giving serious consideration to the traditional and rarely successful therapy of banging the head against a barn door.



      However, this year's election season has both fruit and nut in the cake mix of our future. So it's very exciting to have two such depressing examples of rampant personal ambition questing for dominance and for some reason both are unnaturally devoted to other people's children. But worth remembering, whether they be fruit or nut, who ever is awarded the high office, it keeps them occupied, off the street corner, properly quarantined behind bars, constantly reported on and has them well surrounded by heavily armed guards with walkie-talkies.


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