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 Wednesday August 3rd 2016Tim Candler9


     The Beans are at their end, just a few old battle hardened warriors remain for the rogues to sip upon which means Autumnal dews on Spider webs not far away. And I could go on about the chill of winter, the freshness of frost, the wonder of color in the hills, the sparkle of freezing rain, but the more positive attitude requires a gardener to consider three things in the first days of August. Fall Planting, Compost and Indoor Projects.



      A person can't just sit there staring at canned Tomato through the four cruelest months. Nor should Winter Projects be remotely associated with the outdoors. Then when Winter does arrive the project can't be one of those "I'll do it tomorrow projects." It has to be all consuming, otherwise by March a person's pretty much a basket case. A new county in N-Scale, Kentucky. I'll call it Aidan County, Monks might be tricky but Aidan will need his Monastery.


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